PSA Certified™ Security Assurance Certificate

PSA Certified Level 1

Certificate Number: 0716053549860 - 10000
Date of Issue: 02/11/2020
Test Lab: Riscure
Certification Holder:
Certified Product: Linux microPlatform

The Linux microPlatform (LmP) is a Yocto-built distribution designed for IoT and Edge products. It supports secure boot, trusted firmware and OP-TEE, TUF compliant OTA updates, and optional Docker container support. FoundriesFactory provides a complete cloud service to configure the LmP to customer hardware and IP.

Hardware Version: Rev A and Rev B
Software Version: - sku: - name: Foundries.
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 2.0
Developer Type: PSA Certified - Software Platform 2.0

Composite PSA Certified EAN-13s

PSA-ROT: 0604565272881-10000