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ATs607D is a single chip with low power consumption and high integration..It integrates Cortex-A5 CPU with NEON and CEVA-X2 with FPU. It mainly focuses on VUI(voice user interface) application in AIoT devices with up to 8 channels D-MIC interface with decimation filters, 6 channels A-MIC with high performance ADC and Stereo high performance DAC.On the other hand ATS3607D provides rich interfaces such as I2S/TDM/PCM/SPDIF/HDTV-ARC/USB/SDIO/SPI/UART/TWI/IRC/LCD etc.Built-in 656k sram and 32M ddr1 provide sufficient memory for the solution.It also integrates PMU supporting Low Power and adaptive dynamic power management architecture with hardware VAD.It is a very good choice for high performance and low cost solutions.