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About NXP Semiconductors

Accelerating Business Innovation

NXP Semiconductors makes products and environments safer, more sustainable, and more secure with innovative connectivity and edge processing solutions for a smarter world.

We are in the business of better. Not just better technologies, but better innovations to improve society. As the world leader in secure connectivity and processing solutions for embedded applications, NXP is solving the world’s more complex technology challenges to accelerate business innovation, enhance how we work, and advance how we live.

Partnerships to Advance the World With Confidence

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to security. That’s why at NXP, we help you select the right security solutions for your use cases. Our product portfolio offers a broad choice of options, from integrated security in our processors and microcontrollers with secure boot, secure debug, and lifecycle management support to discrete secure elements and authenticator products.

Simply put, NXP is passionate about security – it’s a fundamental capability in our products and our way of working.

The PSA Certified program offers reassurance that the product’s security has passed an independent evaluation.. It also serves as a general framework to help educate manufacturers – and consumers who buy their products – about the importance of security, making it easier to arrive at an informed, confident decision.

Trust is fundamental to our connected world. The combination of NXP’s reputation for secure processing and the validation from PSA Certified industry-wide security standards give both manufacturers and consumers confidence to embrace IoT.

NXP continues to invest in security, from hardware design and SoC capabilities, to end-node software stacks, to cloud-based services.

“The combination of NXP’s reputation for secure processing and the validation from PSA Certified industry-wide security standards provide the confidence that consumers need to embrace IoT.”

Gowri Chindalore

Gowri Chindalore, Ph.D., Head of Technology & Business Strategy for Embedded Processors, NXP

PSA Certified Solutions

NXP has many PSA Certified Level 1 products, including power-efficient microcontrollers, crossover MCUs, and high-performance applications processors.  

Additionally, NXP is working towards PSA Level 2 certification for devices that need protection against scalable software attacks.

These certified solutions can be used in any market that require a programmable device, but we expect these will appeal most to applications for: 

NXP provides a range of PSA Certified products that offer independently verified security for a variety of use cases depending on the type and level of security required. For instance, a smart toothbrush that only connects to one of two other devices requires different and less costly security than a smart thermostat that manages many devices and stores important heating and cooling information.

Built-in security is fundamental to our products, so device makers get the security that’s appropriate for their use case at a market-competitive price.

As part of our commitment to improving security for the IoT, NXP now has nine PSA Certified Level 1 products, All products that are certified have public product specifications available on nxp.com.

Celebrating NXP at PSA Certified Level 2

NXP are one of the first silicon providers to achieve PSA Certified Level 2 for their LPC55S1x MCU family. Learn more about their achievement using the resources below.

Technical Director of MCU Architecture at NXP, Durgesh Pattamatta shares the increasing importance of IoT security, the role of standardization and certification and reflect on the use cases of NXP’s PSA Certified Level 2 product.

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