About Nuvoton

Providing Sustainable Semiconductors to Enrich Human Life

Nuvoton was established on July 1st 2008, when it spun-off from Winbond Electronics’ Logic business group. We have a multinational research & development and technical support team with approximate 1,500 employees worldwide. Over 20% of our revenue is reinvested to research and development, launching more than 30 new products every year. We have a vision of being a hidden champion in providing sustainable semiconductors to enrich human life.

Nuvoton provides products for a range of industries:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Drones
  • Wireless charging
  • Smart metering
  • Health
  • Smart home appliances
  • Wireless modules
  • Fingerprint modules
  • Automotive

Secure Functionality is in Our DNA

Secure functionality has always been a hallmark of Nuvoton products for its embedded applications, such as smart cars and mobile phones. We have been looking for a similarly robust approach for our latest series of IoT device microcontrollers.

Today, there’s no common language and no adaptive security standard for IoT. However, we hope that as governments create security regulations and the number of IoT devices on the market continues to grow, PSA Certified emerges as a single security standard so customers know that what they’re buying is secure, and manufacturers won’t have to try to meet varying security standards in different countries.

“As we expand our business geographically, the PSA Certified program enables us to maximize our products’ security and brand visibility, and ultimately the value we offer customers. It’s not only good for Nuvoton but it’s an efficient and cost-effective way forward for the entire IoT industry.”

Jason Lin, Nuvoton Technology