About Arm China

Supporting Local Innovation with World-Leading Technology

As the headquarter of Arm’s IP business in China, Arm China license Arm technology to partners headquartered in China who, in turn, continue to supply their products globally. Arm China also provide independent research and development for Arm-based IP and technology addressing China’s pressing market needs to support local innovation.

Providing Enhanced Security Features to Meet Customer and Industry Requirements

At Arm China, we recognise that PSA Certified is reducing confusion in the marketplace with a full security framework and independent security evaluation. We are committed to providing enhanced security features in our products to meet customer and industry requirements.

PSA Certified Solutions

Arm China – SHANHAI Security Solution

Our SHANHAI security solution offers hardware-level protection of user data, support of China commercial cryptography, and services on IoT devices.

Our products help customers build security solutions for multiple use cases including: