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PSA Certified News

Limited time offer: reduce your certification costs

Article by TrustCB

Since the launch of PSA Certified in February, we’ve been delighted to see the program being embraced by the IoT ecosystem. As the program has been gathering significant momentum, TrustCB has recently been appointed as the official certification body and scheme manager for PSA Certified.

In celebration of this news, we’ve opened a limited offer*, whereby we’re helping to lower the cost of Level 1 certification and Level 2 lab-based evaluations, by eliminating the Certification Body fees.**

To register your interest in this limited offer, please make sure it’s clearly indicated it in the application form, which is sent to when you place an order with a test laboratory for PSA Certified evaluation. TrustCB will let you know if the offer is still available for your certification.

*This offer is only available for a limited number of certifications and may end without warning

**The developer will need to agree fees with a test laboratory separately.

PSA Certified appoints TrustCB as certification body and scheme manager

Article by PSA Certified

We are pleased to announce that TrustCB has been appointed as the certification body and scheme manager for PSA Certified. TrustCB has been been selected for its strong experience in operating high assurance certification bodies and scheme management.

As we prepare for PSA Certified Level 2 partners, and the introduction of the PSA Certified Level 3 scheme in the next year, TrustCB will be an important part of the team, enabling partners to achieve higher levels of security assurance and robustness in IoT.

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PSA Certified Momentum at Embedded World 2019

Article by PSA Certified

Building trust in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a critical enabler of IoT services at scale.  If we trust the device then we can trust the data from that device and use that to drive new business insights and services in IoT.  At the heart of device trust is the newly announced PSA Certified initiative.

At Embedded World in Nuremberg this year, we announced the creation of the PSA CertifiedTM program, the final stage of the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA). The program offers an independent security evaluation scheme for chips, OSes and devices developed to PSA specifications. It was an exciting week onsite at the show and we’re excited to share some of highlights with you below.

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