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PSA Certified: Eight Months On

Article by PSA Certified

Arm TechCon always serves as a timely place to give an update on PSA and PSA Certified, as it’s where the scheme all began two years ago. It’s been a busy year for the PSA ecosystem, as at Embedded World in February, we introduced PSA Certified as the final stage of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) framework. If you’re new to PSA Certified, it was created by six companies, to provide an independent yard-stick measurement for security. It features three progressive levels of certification, allowing everyone in the ecosystem to understand the level of security robustness of a product.

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Securing the future of IoT with PSA Certified™

Article by David Maidment - Director Security Ecosystem, Arm

Arm has joined with leading security laboratories and silicon vendors to bring the promise of trusted IoT devices one step closer. PSA Certified™ enables IoT solution builders to establish the security and authenticity of the data collected from a diverse world of IoT devices.

Free test suites will also unlock the hardware security of the latest silicon platforms to software and OS developers. Functional API certification will make it easier to build secure applications from established and secure software building blocks.

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